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Successful tech companies demand crisp messaging and positioning in everything they do, but great storytellers and product marketers are hard to find, and an even tougher skill to try and develop internally.

PMMTeam was created to solve this problem. Once you're subscribed, your teams can submit any piece of content for rapid feedback and coaching to make sure your story always shines through, and your teams become great storytellers. Read the FAQ for full details.

  • Your team will become better storytellers, in any type of content or format
  • Immediately improve important content to elevate messaging and positioning
  • Ship more great content by reducing internal review and feedback cycles

Coaching, Not Editing

Editing services won't help your team become better marketers like our coaching will. Submit any marketing content and we'll provide specific, actionable coaching and feedback to help you improve.

Fast Results

Subscribe today and get feedback and coaching on your marketing materials and as soon as the next business day.

Any Content

Submit any piece of content, from an early draft to something already-published, and we'll give you specific, actional coaching and feedback to make it stronger and develop your skills as a marketer.

Sample Coaching Video (3 minues)

"As the team grew and more people were writing content, our story was getting lost. PMMTeam helps reduce the amount of internal review cycles and edits while radically increasing the volume of great content we can publish."
"We scaled our content writing using agencies and ChatGPT, but then my internal team would struggle to work in the brand story. PMMTeam coaching helps teams become great storytellers to finally raise the bar on your messaging and positioning."

Storytelling Coaching Subscription Features

PMMTeam coaches your team to become better storytellers to improve your marketing content.
Move faster, elevate your teams, and improve all of your content for one flat monthly subscription.

No meetings

Everything at PMMTeam is totally async so we can help you move faster.

Fixed monthly rate

Submit coaching requests each week for a flat monthly subscription fee.

Fast delivery

Most coaching requests are completed in one business day.

100% yours

Everything we create is completely yours to use how you wish, no restrictions.
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Storytelling coaching for all types of marketing content...

Web Pages
Press Releases
Landing Pages
Sales Decks
Video Scripts
Trade Show Materials
Brochures & 1-Pagers
Social Media Posts
White Papers
... and more!

Coaching Subscription Pricing


Isn't storytelling coaching the job of a CMO (or other marketing leader)?
When can you start?
How long do coaching and feedback requests take to complete?
Are revisions included?
Why is this called PMMTeam?
Why wouldn't I just hire an editor or writer (or agency)?
What makes you so good at this?
Can I invite my team?
Do big companies need multiple subscriptions?
How often do we meet with you?
Is there a minimum commitment?
Are there refunds if I'm not happy?
How do I submit a coaching request?
How do you define an "asset" for my requests?
Will you write my marketing content for me?
Can you help me with design-related requests?
What happens after I subscribe?